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Cats Meow new orleans Cats Meow - Web Site

The World Famous Cats Meow first opened its doors in December of 1989. At the time, karaoke in America was in it's infancy and we were one of the first bars to try out the new entertainment concept. In less than a year, Cats Meow became the largest "on premise" account for both Miller and Budweiser products in the New Orleans area. A year later, Pioneer, the audio company that brought Karaoke to the U.S., named Cats Meow "the BEST Karaoke bar in the world". We hold true to that title today and continue to improve on what was started then with better service, top-notch entertainers, a clean atmosphere and a whole lot of fun!Cats Meow is located in the heart of the historic New Orleans French Quarter. The building is a superb example of 1820's architecture and offers amenities such as two exterior balconies overlooking Bourbon Street, and a cozy interior courtyard. We are located at 701 Bourbon Street on the corner of St. Peter Street, the same street you'll find Pat O'Briens, and the historic Jazz Preservation Hall. 
 cooter browns  Hog's Breath Saloon - Web Site 

Located in the historic Riverbend section of Uptown New Orleans, Cooter Brown's proudly serves over 400 brands of domestic and imported bottled beers. We offer 40 different beers on tap at the front bar and 20 beers on tap at the back bar (which is open during the weekend for games). Cooter Brown's now has 17 flat screens and 2 eight foot drop downs. We offer all the sports packages through Direct TV; including the Big 10 College Package, NFL Package and on Sundays show all NFL games ... we also have the NHL package!! Raw Oysters from the Oyster Bar, the City's Best Boiled Crawfish (weekends), boiled shrimp and great tavern food including Poor Boys, Seafood, Specialties and SideOrders.

The Old Absinthe House Old Absinthe House - Web Site 

The Old Absinthe House has a legacy following its every heartbeat”, this historic building was built in 1807. Originally the building was used as an importing firm, then converted to a “corner grocery “ of food, tobacco and fine Spanish liquor. In 1874, mixologist, Cayetano Ferrer, created a drink consisting of Absinthe—the “Old Absinthe House Frappe”. The popularity of this venomous green concoction consequently resulted in the coffee house being renamed “Absinthe Room,” and thus a legend was born!
goldmine saloon Gold Mine Saloon - Web site

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, the Gold Mine Saloon is a favorite among tourists and locals. The building, originally an old horse stable and blacksmith shop, is now home to the best late night dancing in the Quarter. Come hear classics from the Eighties expertly mixed with contemporary hits by the best DJ's around. Take a trip down memory lane playing classic arcade and pinball machines. Yes, we really do light the shots on fire!

jimmy buffets new orleans Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville - Web Site

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville New Orleans – once a state of mind is now a state of being and a landmark in New Orleans’ French Market. Margaritaville embraces the mythical world defined by the insightful lyrics of singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett for over three decades. Characters both local and from prose and poem create an entertaining atmosphere that brings to life the search for the legendary lost shaker of salt. From the Tire Swing Bar to the Deja Vu Dining Room, Margaritaville is a colorful tableau of New Orleans Culture and Buffett philosophy.

royal street r bar Royal Street Inn & R Bar - Web Site

Located on a hopping corner in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans and staffed by a bunch of charming folks who love nice beds and good drinks equally, the Royal Street Inn’s goal is to give visitors to the Crescent City a taste of the lush life (and when we say “lush” we mean it in all definitions of the word). Someone once cleverly dubbed the joint a “bed and beverage,” a turn-of-phrase that perfectly sums up what we’re all about – first class hotel rooms above, badass bar below. And no breakfast.

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar  Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar - Web Site

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Barbuilt between 1722 and 1732 by Nicolas Touze, is reputed to be the oldest structure used as a bar in the United States. In 1722, further building is recorded by a realty transfer set down by one Don Andres Almonester. The structure and fence are in the old French Provincial Louis XV or Briquette-Entre-Poteauxe style used in French Louisiana. The building escaped two great fires at the turn of the 19th Century, due to slate roofing. Such slates are presently used by artists as canvases. Between 1772 and 1791, the property is believed to have been used by the Lafitte Brothers, Jean and Pierre as a New Orleans base for their Barataria smuggling operation. The legend is based on the fact that the property was owned by the family of Simon Duroche a.k.a. Castillon and the wily privateer Captain Rene Beluche. Castillon was a rather record-shy adventurer and entrepreneur. Captain Beluche commanded his ship "Spy" in Lafitte's Baratarian fleet. Although the owners of the property, Jean Baptiste Dominica Joly LaPorte probably lived on the premises, it is within reason that the Lafittes could have used the place as city base for negotiations with potential buyers of their goods. It is unlikely that a wealthy Creole would agree to meet at home on Royal Street. Bourbon and St. Phillip was probably regarded as a safe and convenient neutral ground. Like most New Orleans legends, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop is a gumbo of truth and French, Spanish, African, Cajun and American embellishments.

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